Remotely manage and kiosk VR devices

No user input is required on the VR to play the video & easily to manage digital VR contents. nova VR provides the tools to deliver VR content to VR headsets simultaneously. All the VR devices are locked down to contents that are sent by the teacher’s Tablet/PC to avoid distractions. Button presses or gestures are disabled, ensuring the student remains in the current experience, under the teacher’s control.


  • Application on the tablet will show all the video contents that are available to be played on the VR Headset.
  • Ability to play the selected content on one or more selected VR devices.
  • All devices (VR and Tablets) are remotely managed and locked down to a single purpose usage. No user input is required on the VR to play the video.
  • Console to manage digital VR content.
  • Video contents will be automatically downloaded to all VR devices when content is provisioned on the cloud. This will ensure there are no delays while playing the content.
  • Reports and analytics. (Ability to gather video usage statistics, device, etc).