Enterprise Apps

Selective Wipe
Clean the application and user data after usage.
  • Wipe all accounts set by the user, all photos/videos and downloaded files.
  • Wipe -> all user-installed apps.
  • -> user data, app cache.
  • -> Calendar/Alarm.
  • -> Notifications.
  • -> Recent apps.
Enterprise File Manager
Bespoke app that can restrict users’ view of the file system.
  • Only displays documents that are present in the EMM profile.
  • Support all document types, pdf, word, PowerPoint.
  • A sub-folder based on language can be created.
  • New files can be added and deleted.
Enterprise Camera
Automatically send captured images to own FTP server.
  • Re-sizes images to reduce the file size.
  • Renames images with a time-stamp.
  • Adds geolocation data to image files.
  • Encrypts and sends to secure FTP server.
  • Ability to select Wi-Fi/ data.
Power-On Boot
The phone will automatically boot when connected to power.
  • Turns on a device when power is connected.
  • Shutdown the device when power is disconnected.
  • Automatically disables bloatware to improve processing speed and battery life.
  • Useful for display devices.
Address Book
Remotely set contacts. Lock address book data from attacks.
  • Set contacts that are present in the EMM profile.
  • The user cannot add contacts from the SIM card.
  • Users cannot add a contact using normal methods.
  • Synchronize and Automatically updates contacts.
IoT Sensor Interface
Interfaces with open-source IoT devices and send to the server.
  • Integrated app with IoT devices.
  • Gathers temperature, air humidity, air pressure, acceleration from hundreds of devices.
  • Dashboard and reporting interface.
  • Useful for all IoT devices.
Devices can now have an IP address on the USB interface.
  • Adds source and destination IP on the USB interface.
  • Ability to disable unknown sources and USB debugging.
  • Automatically disables bloatware to improve processing speed and battery life.
USB Policy
Avoid data leaks on public charging points.
  • Disallow USB debugging.
  • Disallow MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).
  • Disallow usage of USB Host Storage.
  • Disallow USB Tethering.
  • Disallow Wi-Fi Tethering.
  • Configurable USB policy to avoid data leaks.
Bespoke boot and shutdown animation for the device.
  • Convert picture files into boot animation.
  • Add sound files to boot and shutdown animations.
  • Useful for display devices in shops.
  • Ability to add bespoke boot and shutdown animation for the device.
Hardware Key Mapper
Map hardware keys to launch apps or perform an action.
  • A long press of Re-cents key can be mapped to launch any app, make a call.
  • Pressing the Bixby key can launch another app or make calls.
  • Ability to Map hardware keys to launch apps or perform an action.
Step Counter
Log of all user’s physical activity and sync with server.
  • Counts daily steps of all users and syncs with server.
  • User and admin get notifications on target that has been achieved.
  • Incentive notifications can be sent to users.
  • Target-based report that can be used by admin.
Security Trace
Gathering data from multiple apps on phones for analyzing.
  • Record What’s app and other messenger traffic.
  • SMS and MMS recording.
  • Recording voice calls.
  • Ability to retrieve data based on date range.
  • Ability to set alerts based on text.
  • Interface for admin.
Attendance Manager
NFC based user authentication for attendance management.
  • Logs users in and out time to track attendance.
  • Geo-Location data is added to attendance logs.
  • Reports based on criteria can be retrieved.
  • Email reporting (automatically send reports via email ).
Application to accurately track vehicle location.
  • All the vehicles can be viewed on Google map with their current location and status.
  • The entire track of the moving vehicle with start point, endpoint, and total distance traveled can be viewed on the map.
User Registration
Manage the registration of users that will use the device.
  • Password protected, user device management.
  • Assign signature option for Admin.
  • Show the active device list with the current user.
  • Manage password and device from cloud.
  • Manage user registration.
Translate text, voice, and pictures to another language.
  • Ability to set the source and destination language.
  • Text, voice, and picture translation.
  • Translation is maintained.
  • The ability for admin to clear.
  • Translate from one language to another.
Threat Protection
Automatically scan the system to detect dangerous apps.
  • Ability to detect bloatware, malware.
  • Scans for apps that take dangerous permissions.
  • Fake app detection based on application signature.
  • Alerts for admin when unauthorized apps are installed.
Device Monitor
Provide diagnostic information on Battery.
  • Gathers device system information.
  • Information about CPU states, sensors, battery, etc. are gathered.
  • Battery , voltage, the temperature is checked periodically.
  • Analysis and reporting.
Emergency Caller
Automatically make a call based on configured rules.
  • Call pre-configured numbers when an emergency is detected.
  • Make calls when an impact is detected. Example: On Impact.
  • A long press of hardware keys can trigger an emergency call.
Inactivity Detector
Ability to detect user inactivity to manage action.
  • Detects user inactivity and triggers an action ( laugh survey, video, etc).
  • Timer-based screen wake up.
  • kiosk apps can use this to return to the "home" view if no one interacts with the kiosk anymore.
Feedback/Survey APP
Surveys can be created and pushed to the web app.
  • Easy to customize as per your business needs.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Runs in kiosk mode.
  • Customizable HTML5 based web application.
  • Surveys can be created and pushed to the web app. Surveys can be updated.
Speed – Action
Detects device speed of motion and trigger action.
  • Screen OFF when the device is moving at a certain speed.
  • Lock devise with few apps when the device is moving.
  • Trigger-based logic, based on the speed the screen can be turned OFF or dashboard with driving apps can be launched.
Enterprise SMS
SMS that can be cleaned using triggers or action.
  • Ability to clean SMS based on API.
  • All SMS data can be logged for traceability.
  • This enterprise app can be used for tracking vehicles, school-buses, delivery-trucks, hospital-ambulances etc.