5 easy steps

Step 1 : Registration & Login

Visit https://b2b.novaemm.com/register and complete the form.

Visit https://b2b.novaemm.com/login and enter the login credentials.

Step 2 : Set Up Android Enterprise

Once you have logged in to NOVAEMM please create an Enterprise. Click on the Android Enterprise Menu and complete the creation of Enterprise.

Watch video for more details.

Step 3 : Approve Playstore Apps & Policies

Click on the Playstore menu and Playstore button.

Watch video for more details.

To create a device profile, click on device profile menu and press create.

Watch video for more details.

Step 4 : Select Multi App Kiosk

After selecting required apps from application section of device profile, select Multi App Kiosk.

Step 5 : Generate & Scan QR Code

Click on the QR CODE Enrolment Menu. Give a Name to the QR CODE, select the profile for which the QR Code is being created. Select the default language and time zone. If you select “Enable System Apps”, all pre-installed app will be enabled in the device after 'Device Enrolment' process. Enter WIFI details, ssid name, WIFI security type, password and press SUBMIT. A QR CODE will be generated. This QR CODE is needed for device enrolment.

Watch video for more details.

  • Factory reset a device or start a new device.
  • Tap 6 times on the welcome screen to launch the camera.
  • Connect to Wifi.
  • Scan the QR Code generated from the NovaEMM portal and Follow the setup process.